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Local Parent Blogs

  • Hi. My name is Kayla. I just had a daughter. This daughter is beautiful. This daughter is perfect. This daughter also has Down syndrome. I made this blog to talk about learning of her diagnosis, accepting it, and growing up with her.

  • I am the wife of the most wonderful man in the world and the mommy to some of the cutest kids around! We are a homeschooling, fun loving, adoption lovin, military family. My husband is a Senior Chief in the US Navy. Over all of these things that shape who we are, we are followers of Christ seeking to love Him and serve Him. I pray that each and every day my children witness the love Christ has given to us freely in our family. We are going on a grand adventure called life. We are not in charge of where it leads or the detours it takes us on. We are just along for the ride, enjoying and learning together!

  • My little blog about my amazing little girl, Julia! See pictures, read commentary, and be there virtually as she grows up.

  • A blog about raising two kids and advocating acceptance and inclusion for all people with Down syndrome.

  • I will be continuing to post about our lives with our bundle of joy, everyday life stuff, and how God is growing our faith. Thanks for reading!

Great Videos: Advocacy

Organizations with Resources that Help

  • The National Down Syndrome Society is the leading human rights organization for all individuals with Down syndrome. NDSS envisions a world in which all people with Down syndrome have the opportunity to enhance their quality of life, realize their life aspirations and become valued members of welcoming communities.

  • A statewide nonprofit organization that links families of children with special healthcare needs and disabilities with resources, support and education.

  • We are parents from all over the United States and around the world who each have a child with Trisomy 21 (Down syndrome) and a great desire to ensure families who receive a Down syndrome diagnosis are receive current information and support.

  • Down Syndrome Education USA supports scientific research and delivers evidence-based advice and information to improve educational outcomes for children with Down syndrome. DSA works in partnership with Down Syndrome Education International. Together, those research, resources and services help people with Down syndrome in over 170 countries achieve more and live more independent and fulfilling lives.

  • A Mother's Rest Charitable Respite Foundation is a 501c3 non profit health initiative committed to the proactive self-care of parents & caregivers who have loved ones with extra needs. We coordinate affordable respite & fellowship opportunities nationwide. AMR hosts parents of children and adults with disabilities, spouses of wounded veterans and law enforcement, ALL adoptive & foster parents, special educators and associated therapeutic professionals, as well as those caring for their own elderly infirm parents at home.

  • The Special Needs Directory of Dentists identifies dental offices and clinics who have reported that they are comfortable providing care to patients with special health care needs in South Carolina.
    This web based directory provides a current listing of dentists who have reported that they will treat patients with mild and/or moderate-severe manifestations of a number of different developmental and acquired special needs.
    Joan Mclauren is the SANDs coordinator and is happy to provide personalized concierge care to any family looking for a provider in South Carolina. She can contact the office for you and set up the appointment as needed. Reach Joan at 843-876-0059 or

  • Dental Care Guidance for Caregivers of Patients with Down Syndrome

  • A resource to highlight the most common sleep issues among children and adults with ASD. We will see how autism spectrum disorder might affect one’s sleep, what are the most prominent treatment options, the “do’s” and the “don’ts” as well as tips and other useful resources to tackle sleep issues when diagnosed with ASD.

  • For many people with disabilities, finding and sustaining work can be a challenge. There are a wide variety of disabilities that can impact an individual’s career opportunities, and many necessitate specific considerations and accommodations from employers. This guide examines these specific considerations, where to look for employment, and lists many resources and programs available for this unique demographic.

  • Today, college and university campuses are well-equipped with a wide variety of technological resources, services, and assistive technology for students with different disabilities.

  • College Programs, Support Services and Resources for Postsecondary Success