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DSAL's Spotlight Member

The Down Syndrome Association of the Lowcountry would like to share the accomplishments and fun personalities of our members with you. Each month we will showcase one of our members and tell you a bit about them. If you would like to be a spotlight member or have your child showcased, please click the button below to submit your information to us!

DSAL's Current Spotlight Member

Ryder Clash Rawlings

Age 1

Member's Parents and siblings: Kelly and Mikee Rawlings, Alicia Niland, Cody Dixon, Mikala Rawlings, Kyle Dixon, Caleb Dixon, Cooper Dixon, Andal Rawlings

From Clash's mom: Clash just had his first birthday in March. He is 100% pure love and has only added happiness and joy to our lives and the lives of those he meets. He army crawls his way into EVERYTHING and is working hard at walking. Like so many, I wish we knew at 15 weeks pregnant what we know now, so we wouldn't have wasted so much time being afraid. He is an amazing addition to our family and without him our lives would not be complete.

Previous Spotlight Members

William “Liam” Jacobs

Age 3

Parent's and sibling's: Brian and Laura, sister Ava

Liam loves playing in toilets and climbing on tables. His accomplishments include eating a whole can of Pringle’s in one sitting. He’s loving, has a hug and a kiss for anyone who wants one, and DEFINITELY has a stubborn streak. He loves school, Muppet Babies, and the bath!

Jakob Jones
Age 3
Parents: Tom and Tabby

Jakob loves music and lights. He’s started K-3. He’s learning to feed himself. He’s a fun loving little boy.

Trista Sue Kutcher 
Age: 30 
Parent and siblings: my mom Rebecca and my younger sisters are Suzanna (28) and Sammie (20)

I love to dance and I love to work out and I love to sew. I want to be a business woman and I started my business Trista's Sunshine Company. I sell things on my Instagram page @tristasunshinecompany every night at 7:00 and I want to have my own store one day and I want to start selling some of my things in other people’s stores soon. I make dog bow ties, dog bandanas, headbands , tote bags, coasters, ornaments, fabric baskets and lots of Things. I have another Instagram that has 46,000 followers it is called @tristathebarista and I like to make people smile on it and show them my life and teach them about Down syndrome too! I love making dance videos so much! I am a barista at Bitty and Beaus and I am the community relations director.